lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

¿Y si Google llega a una alianza con Yahoo?

La enemistad entre Google y Microsoft vuelve a estar presente en el intento de compra de Yahoo. Y es que Google, según el Financial Times, podría complicar la adquisición al plantear una alianza entre los dos portales, algo que ya se ha especulado en otras ocasiones:

Separately, an alliance with Google is being seen inside Yahoo as one of the main options as the company tries to fight off Microsoft’s hostile approach, according to one person familiar with its thinking. The cash-and-stock offer, worth $43bn at the end of last week.

[...]Meanwhile, a Google-Yahoo alliance, something discussed but not pursued last year, would enable Google to halt Microsoft’s latest bid to boost its standing on the web. The earlier proposal would have seen Yahoo outsourcing its search engine advertising business to Google, whose technology in this area has proved more effective at maximising the value of selling search ads. That would enable Yahoo to slash its own costs while at the same time boosting its revenues. Wall Street has been urging Yahoo to take that step for months as a quick way to boost its performance.